Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Know When to Hold'em, Know When to Fold'em

I have a few but loud haters. But even my haters know that I have a code when it comes to blogging. There are some things I won't blog about.

I don't do personal stuff. I only do issue-based stuff.

Don't get me wrong, even after the years of training I've given people about how I don't really give a damn who is sleeping with who, or who's relative went to prison for killing someone or a host of other stuff people often try to toss my way personal stuff just isn't my thing.

So let me cut to the quick here, I haven't written about Romero's health issues for a reason. I thought it was a personal issue and out-of-bounds, like family, spouses, and children. The only time they are relevant is if they themselves are political or inject themselves into something politically.

Point is, I often know things but choose not to write about them because I don't think they are for public consumption. David K often does this as well. If its personal and not political it shouldn't see the light of day.

I don't hold everyone in the blogosphere to my standard. Clearly a lot of them have no standards. You just got to know when to hold'em and know when to fold'em is all I'm saying.

I chose not to write about Romero's private health issues because I didn't think it was anyone's business until such time that he decided to make it so himself.

Now its out there.

And now we have to talk about it.

So there are a group of people that think the whole thing is made up and its the perfect cover for him to resign from council with dignity.

These are people I like to call dumbasses. A stroke isn't anything to joke about and from the media coverage I've read, it may not have been that mild of a stroke.

I don't agree with the way he did some things, but I damn sure don't want the guy to have a stroke. And anyone thinks that its just made up is a special kind of stupid.

The fact that he had a stroke is a big deal and will rightfully raise questions about his ability to fulfill his elected duties. He has a business as well and has apparently been at that office. Some have said well if he can't go to council why is he going to work?

Because just because you have a stroke doesn't mean the bills have to stop getting paid. Jesus lighten up on the vato.

Whether or not he continues to serve is a decision that will ultimately be up to Rep Romero and his colleagues (because there's an ethics complaint).

Personally I don't think he finishes this term. But I said that long before the health issues.

I hope he gets better. And I hope we get to the bottom of the mess at city hall. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

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