Friday, January 15, 2016

Precinct Chair Races

Whenever relevant I discuss precinct chairs and highlight races for precinct chairs that are of interest.

Okay, nobody cares about precinct chairs most of the time, but when you consider so many precincts have a vacant chair position, its pretty interesting.

So there are a few races that are actually contested.

I would start with numerical order of precinct but I'll start with the race that has the most notable candidates running. That race is on the Eastside over in Precinct 92. It actually features three candidates but two of them are pretty well known and that is why I start with them.

That contest is between the current chair Isela Castañon-Williams, Jaime Barceleau, and James Newson. I don't know Mr. Newson and couldn't find a photo. But Castañon-Williams and Barceleau are both fairly well known. Castoñon-Williams has been around the Democratic Party for years and is currently the treasurer for a candidate that was removed from the ballot. Previously she was a member of the El Paso Independent School District Board of Trustees that was ultimately taken over by the State of Texas. She is will be inducted into the El Paso County Democratic Party Hall of fame later this month.

Jaime Barceleau heads the Paso Del Norte Children's Development Center. He describes himself as "mostly conservative in my views..." He was voted Best of the Best for something I believe having to do with his organization (that does great work for the community by the way). There are consistent rumors that he has future political aspirations for city council after City Rep Acosta complete's her term so this race might be a dry-run for a bigger office.

But let's be honest, he's mostly known for being District Clerk Norma Favela's boyfriend. She's on her second term as District Clerk, one of the most well-respected elected officials in town, and has several of those Best of the Best Awards.

Precinct 5 on the Westside features two long-time and prominent Democrats - Javier Aaron Paz and Steven Purchase. Both gentlemen have done a lot of work in the El Paso Democratic party and are part of various Party auxiliaries. Two really good candidates for a precinct chair position is a good problem to have for Democrats on the westside.

Precinct 26 is Enedina Vargas and Sylvia Searfoss. I don't think I personally know either of those two candidates so I don't have any information to offer.

Precinct 35's contest is between Carmen Rodriguez, an attorney and wife of Senator Jose Rodriguez, and Daniel Jurado.

Precinct 56 is interesting because it features a young face in the Party named Ashley Rodriguez and she's with the Bernie Sanders campaign who is facing a tall task in unseating long-time Democratic Precinct Chair Yolie Clay. Clay is a devout follower of Hillary Clinton.

Precinct 70 is Alexander Burnside against Ramona De La Paz Torres, AKA Monchi.

Another Eastside match-up is Precint 105 which features a head-to-head of two precinct chairs that have held that seat. Rosemary "La Pura Verdad" Martinez of "don't fuck with me" fame is taking on someone with the exact opposite personality to her lough and confrontational style. She faces Ruth Williams who has previously held the seat and will be an inductee to El Paso Democratic Party Hall of Fame in a couple of weeks.

Precinct 110 is a contest between Alejandra Alcalda and Alex Jeria.

Sandra Favela and Aaron Garcia meet in the race for Precinct 125.

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