Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tea-janos Endorsements: I Swear I'm Not Making This Up...

In an effort to game some credibility the Paso Del Norte Tea-jano Democrats invited two members of the media from local television stations to moderate their fancy-shmancy form tonight at the Camino Real.

Everyone else has their forums at a community center or something, but nothing but the best for the Tea-janos.

After a week of several revelations that have really done a number on their credibility, there were a couple of developments tonight that even surprised Yours Truly. And that is saying something because I usually expect the worst coming from them.

As I previously wrote the Tea-janos have had controversies about their endorsement process several times in recent history and tonight was just as interesting.

The Tea-janos had not one, but TWO candidates that are not on the ballot speak and at least one of them was actually endorsed by the organization. I guess they haven't figured out that when they pull stuff like that it hurts the credibility of their endorsement as a whole.

Ben Mendoza, who actually withdrew as a candidate spoke at the event in addition to Tony Quintanilla, the candidate that was ordered to be removed from the ballot by the 8th Court of Appeals. But apparently all you have to do is say that you filed an appeal with the Suprme Court of Texas and SHA-ZAM! ... you're a legitimate candidate in the eyes of the Tea-janos.

No one raised a point of order. No one questioned if it was true, no one verified if he actually had done so.

There is no documentation on the Supreme Court website as of yet that indicates that Mr. Quintanilla has in fact filed an appeal.

I sure hope he wasn't speaking with a forked tongue in front of the press and all those nice people at the forum tonight. That would be a serious blow to someone who has already seen his share of campaign prat falls.

No one even asked if their bylaws permitted the endorsement to go to a candidate that isn't on the ballot. He can appeal from here to across the street, but the last order in place was his removal from the ballot. So I'm pretty confident that there is nothing in the Tejano bylaws that allows them to endorse a candidate that isn't on the ballot.

So yes, the organization that already had a mountain of credibility problems just endorsed a candidate that isn't even on the ballot. And there is no explanation as to why one candidate who withdrew but is still on the ballot, Ben Mendoza, wasn't endorsed but a candidate who isn't on the ballot, Tony Quintanilla, was.

I hate to say this, but its actually true. Even under Blanche Darley something like that was unheard of.

But in the end, who really cares?

I told you everyone already knew who was getting endorsed tonight and yet another round of silliness from the same players doesn't improve the credibility of the organization at all.

Gotta love El Paso politics!

Up next...I found even more connections between senior members of the Tea-janos and Quintanilla's campaign.

Interesting stuff. Stop back at 10:00am.

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