Tuesday, January 19, 2016

TER = TLR = Forma

Texans for Education Reform is the education equivalent of the Texans for Legal Reform.

They are a front for conservatives that want to take over Texas education policy.

I'm going through campaign finance reports but just so you know, the local TER/TLR firm is Forma Group. Where you see contributions from TER know that they are candidates from the Forma stable.

Thats how it works, TER donates to a candidate but the deal is that Forma is involved and thats how they are making money this cycle. Most of that money ends up with Forma and not much of it ends up in actual materials because of "consulting fees".

Its a bid deal because the TER is dropping big amounts of cash into campaigns and the TER candidates have some pretty scary ideas about what they want to do to public education in Texas.

And make no mistake about it, this is straight up a GOP outfit. Sure they toss some cash to a few Democrats but they largely fund GOP candidates. Keep it in mind.

More on this later.

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