Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Campaign Trail Notes: Ethics Complains, Commercials, & Signs

If this post were a food it would be capirotada. 

Here's a few things that I threw together in one post this morning.

Palafox Commercial

Ms. Palafox is the latest candidate to release a TV commercial. She's a candidate for the 8th Court of Appeals. Its been running during morning news. The ad isn't great, but it isn't terrible either. 

Ethics Complaint Filed

Speaking of the 8th Court of Appeals race, an ethics complaint has been filed against Maria Ramirez, one of the candidates for that race. She's also a municipal court judge, so if the name sounds familiar it might be because she heard a traffic ticket you might have had. I didn't really put together that she was a muni court judge during the time that Buzz Feed did the story of people being jailed because they couldn't pay their tickets. I should've requested court data to see how she stacked up against the other municipal court judges on that issue. Surprisingly none of her opponents have raised the issue. 

The complaint filed against Ramirez was based on two different issues. One was her omission of the word "for" on her campaign billboards and the other was for placing a sign in a location without the permission of the property owner. 

Carolina Signs

If your campaign set up signs at Carolina Center there is a good chance that the code compliance people from the City of El Paso probably picked them up yesterday. 

The City seems to really be cracking down on the sign codes, so if you're missing signs from that location, don't freak out and start blaming your opponents. The Fuzz probably has them. 

Papal Visit

I'm gonna head out for the Papal visit soon. So follow me on my various social media platforms and I'll keep you updated with pics, video etc. I'm doing the park and ride so it should be fun. Hit me up on Twitter and Periscope @TheLionStarBlog, Instagram @ThatVatoJaime or on my SnapChat. 

Historic day, gotta be a part of it.

One last thing - shout out to our local media market. Its gonna be a long and brutal day. Stay safe and have fun out there. Its always fun to be a part of a big story like this so soak it up team.

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