Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Chente Quintanilla: "I am not a bilingual education supporter"

The Texans for Education Reform have come out in full support for former State Rep Chente Quintanilla to get his seat back against State Rep Mary Gonzalez.

The TER PAC has a new spot that has already started to run on television that hits Rep Gonzalez on education and then touts Chente's experience as a superintendent.

It was then that I realized I never uploaded the video of the candidates at the forum hosted by the Eastside Civic Association. Chente had some interesting things to say about bilingual education at about the 2:50 mark of the video.

And by interesting things to say about bilingual education I mean he is against bilingual education.  I'd watch it all the way to about the 6 minute mark to get a good indicator of where Chente stands on a couple of important education issues.

Now leave it to Chente Quintanilla, a former superintendent, to come out against bilingual education in a community in which Spanish is the language most often spoken in the home and in the streets.

You want a real world example of why bilingual education is important in the valley? Ask the rich white farmers.

Almost all of them speak at least a little Spanish and a lot of them are fluent in Spanish. Why? So that they can communicate with their grossly underpaid field hands of course.

And to underscore my frustrations with both of these crappy candidates, Rep Gonzalez wants to bring back dairy so that there can be more jobs that don't get paid much money.

Because low-wage jobs is what the valley needs right now.

That is sarcasm for those of you that didn't understand.


Thomas said...

As to Mary she really has not done much for all the bluster. Got to move beyond I'm a pansexual and posting selfies to be effective leader.
At least with Chente we know what we are getting a do not much rep. With Chente we got a Texas legislative calendar every year and on New Years day a meal if you wanted it.
Thinking about it Chente would probably do the least damage of the two.
Yep pretty crappy choices for this offices no matter how one slices it.

Anonymous said...

Grossly underpaid field hands?
Are you stating that these farmers who pay a majority of taxes, contribute heavily to charity, and are actively involved in their community exploit their workers?
For the record, they tend not to refer to them as "field hands" but instead as workers and sometimes family.

The Lion Star said...

ABSOLUTELY that is what I am saying.

Anonymous said...

No jobs at all are preferable to low wage, honest employment in the world of arrogant Progressives?

Anonymous said...

No bilingual education is what should be happening. I went to school not speaking any english and (tuff tiddy) did I get on that bandwagon quickly!!

The Lion Star said...

I've fought most of my adult life against low-wage jobs that exploit workers. I know a lot of those people and its modern day slavery. Long hours in the elements. No benefits, no retirement, unsafe working conditions. Economic developments isn't shitty low-wage jobs. The real arrogance is thinking it's okay to devalue another human being for the sake of profitability.

Thomas said...

Believe your wrong on one statement the majority of the ranch and farm owners in the valley are not white and believe you would be hard pressed to support the claim they are rich either at least for those in El Paso County. Very few individual Ranchers or Farmers get rich in the agribusiness. Now for corporate farms and ranches it's different. Believe you will be hard pressed to prove, support and blame this on whitey in El Paso County.
Yep low wage pay for farm and ranch workers is a problem but with a lot of consumers they do not want to pay a like extra to bring better wages to those that provide their food.Just the hard facts of the matter.