Tuesday, February 23, 2016

City Document: Ordaz Ethics Complain Dismissed

Local Republican Extremist Barbara Carrasco
"...I am dismissing this complaint in accordance with Section 2.920.80(G)(3) of the El Paso City Code. The complaint, if true as alleged, would not as a matter of law constitute a violation of Chapter 2.92 of the El Paso Municipal Ordinance."

So ends the letter that was addressed to local Republican extremist Barbara Carrasco that was sent from from the City Attorney's Office notifying Carrasco that her complaint against City Rep Ordaz for alleged violation of laws regarding the disclosure of official minutes or recordings of Executive Session was summarily dismissed.

The letter also states that Ms. Carrasco's "entire complaint is predicated on a fact not in evidence..." and further states "...the complaint you filed does not connect the action (sharing information via text message about a topic discussed in executive session with a member of the public) to a violation of the Ethics Ordinance."

Ordaz has been quoted in previous news coverage of the issue as stating that it was a "frivolous complaint" and that she was confident the complaint would be dismissed.

In fact, here is her quote in the El Paso Times back when the complaint was first filed.

"This individual is alleging that a criminal violation of state law occurred," Ordaz said. "If there were any truth to her allegation, she should file a complaint with a law enforcement agency, not the ethics commission, which neither investigates nor prosecutes criminal matters. Instead, she has chosen to file a baseless complaint to make a public spectacle. I am confident this matter will be dismissed."

Interestingly Carrasco was not available for comment to the El Paso Times back then. And she wasn't available for comment to the media today either. Which is really funny because when she made the allegation she jumped in front of any camera she could find.

Anyone wonder why?

Ordaz basically dared Carrasco to file a complaint with a law enforcement agency and she hasn't. Nor is she likely to. Media should be asking why.

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