Thursday, February 11, 2016

Clarification of Ben Mendoza's Congressional Bid

I ran into Ben Mendoza at a couple of candidate forums recently and he was introduced as a candidate.

Earlier this year I had written that he had withdrawn his candidacy, which I believe was a result of some issues raised about the validity of signatures on his petition.

That is an issue worthy of its own blog post, but I'll get to that later.

So I asked him about why he was showing up and he said, "Well, I'm still on the ballot."

So I further inquired and asked for clarification because he had withdrawn his candidacy.

His response was "Well, I recanted my withdrawal."

I haven't even checked to see if he really is on the ballot because, well, it just doesn't matter. He's going to get almost no votes.

But for those of you wondering, that is the deal.

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Paco L. said...

I'm looking at the sample ballot. I saw his name and did a search for him and your blog post came up. So, he is on the (sample) ballot.