Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Early Voting Numbers - Be Cool

I've chatted with a few field people and candidates around town and the smart ones have noticed that the early voting locations that normally get a lot of traffic aren't getting as much as they used to.

Relax, those numbers will come back up a bit, but don't judge them based on each voting location. 

There are more than two times the amount of early voting locations as there were in the 2012 election. So those numbers are going to be spread out more than usual.

Also, the Pope. Once he's come and gone then people will start thinking about the election again. 

Don't even bother phone banking tomorrow afternoon. No one will be home or care.

Don't panic, everything's cool.


Anonymous said...

Fuck that. I'm block walking and phone banking, bitch! Hope my opponents think like you.

The Lion Star said...