Wednesday, February 24, 2016

El Paso Times Endorsements

You know I've been busy covering election stuff lately and haven't really had a chance to talk about city stuff.

I'll get to it soon enough, trust me.

But before I do, I wanted to talk about the El Paso Times' endorsements and their process.

First things first, the Times' endorsement matters. Thats why everyone who didn't get it starts bitching. Since none of the Forma candidates got the endorsement, that is probably why Ali Razavi has been bitching about it and how he doesn't like the process.

Seriously Ali, of all people on planet earth that shouldn't be talking shit about transparency, is the guy who's family business deceived people about what they were buying.

Maybe he shouldn't be the person wagging his finger about what is and isn't ethical.

Kinda like State Rep Marisa Marquez wagging her finger to school boards about being transparent and ethical at the same time she is lobbying county commissioners while still serving as a state rep and working for a political consulting firm while still serving as a state rep.

I think the Times endorsed all of the most-qualified candidates on the ballot. And I think they are all going to win, with the notable exception of Ruben Gonzalez who is seeking a full term as the Tax Assessor Collector.

He's going to lose.

Two candidates with the same last name on a down-ballot race no one gives a shit about just isn't going to be something that can be overcome.

But the Times is basically going to run the table on the rest of the endorsements.

Now, lets get to what the heart of the issue is... Enrique Moreno.

Look, I understand the criticism. Enrique Moreno doesn't make the decision about who gets the endorsement but he is an accomplished lawyer and asks questions to get a desired answer for a living. So for those that are upset that he is even sitting in on an endorsement process if he has a conflict, and its a HUGE conflict if he made contributions to a candidate's campaign, I feel you.

But recusal from the process should be incumbent upon Mr. Moreno himself.

Its not his company that makes the endorsements, its the El Paso Times. So they ultimately decide on who gets the endorsements.

In this particular case, all the most-qualified candidates got the endorsements. The people that didn't get the endorsements are just upset they didn't get it.

Campaign hard, you still have lots of time left in early voting and you still have election day. There are bigger things to worry about than not getting an endorsement.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you adore Mary Gonzalez. a good reason on why Not to vote for her. You adored Claudia Ordaz,& she has turned out to be a huge headache. I sympathize with Claudia's boyfriend.

The Lion Star said...

I love dumbasses like you. You never let facts get in the way.

No one has been more critical of Gonzalez than I. Go fuck yourself.

Your Pal,