Friday, February 5, 2016

Family Member Confirms Romero Resignation

In an early morning telephone call a member of Larry Romero's family confirmed his resignation. 

Mike Romero, Rep Romero's son reached out to me and indicated that his father did indeed resign late yesterday as it was reported yesterday by the El Paso Times.

He also indicated very clearly that it was in fact due to health concerns.

Mike Romero made the point that his father isn't a career politician and the family believed that the stress of council isn't worth potentially losing his life over.

His son also explained that the question wasn't so much about the severity of the stroke but rather recovery and the possibility of another stroke that could potentially be more severe. 

Mike Romero said running a business and being on council at the same time was just too stressful given his current health status.

Mike Romero was adamant that his father only got into politics to serve and has always done so with the best of intentions.


henry acosta said...


Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime....Let's be honest. Romero Jr. is defending his father, which is honorable. Even though his Dad left the young man's mother (Susie) for "Tencha" and is now on Wife #3 (Julie). Perhaps the 3rd time is the charm. Jr. works for Big Pharma selling little pills for Big Profits on the East Coast.

In regards to Jr's statement that his father got "into politics to serve the people....". Really? Which people? Romero is not Nelson Mandela, nor Aung San Suu Kyi. He got into Politics for the same reasons the other El Paso politicians got/get into it: Ego, Power, Dip into the Communal Trough, Aspirations for higher office (Mayor). If you don't agree with my logic, look at all of the other Politicians on City Council, starting with Oscar Leeser. Settle back into your leather chair and think about it....Name 5 El Paso Politicians from the last 5 years who have "Helped the Community."

What do, or have, these people brought to the table to "Help The Community?"
Especially the CURRENT City Council?

Romero hasn't done anything that was worse than previous or current politicians. Romero being Romero, he just was too avaricious, clumsy and greedy. I've known this douche-bag since my days at Cathedral when I transferred over from Jesuit. He hasn't changed at all. Big Man On Campus. Football Player. His only jacket was his Cathedral football jacket. He is not the only one to "use" Cathedral for his resume. Judge Marcos Lizarraga claimed he "graduated" from Cathedral. In reality, he only attended 4 months before transferring to El Paso High. Another Jesuit "casualty" when my alma mater closed.

Romero's main problems were:
1. In 2013, going to Tommy Gonzalez and seeing if they could break the contract with the current Muni Bondholder and in Favor of Estrada & Hinojosa (whom Romero had worked for years before). How doe this "help" the "Community" if there were no problems with the then Bond underwriters?

2. Using his name as an entree for Estrada & Hinjojosa to solicit the Water Utility business. How does this benefit the "Community?"

3. Paving the streets of his political allies and friends. Oh, and his own street where he lived at the time? In terms of cost, this is minor compared to the major "F*****ps that happened when the City did not the issue the Bonds for the El Paso Chihuahua baseball stadium, which cost $22 Million?
Those in the know, and those who don't, should realize that Woody Hunt and Paul Foster are worth around Northwards of $20 Billion. Yes, that is a B. As in Billions.They own the El Paso Chihuahuas but "convinced" the then City Administration that they need to urgently, build a Stadium for them.

4. The Cathedral speed bumps, were incredibly bad optics. As Brother Nick, current Principal of Cathedral stated, they could not afford the $60,000 for a proper streetlight. This, despite, that they, along with the Diocese of El Paso paid out $1.6 Million for sexually abusing students from Cathedral in the 80's. Why? They had Brother Sam "Sammy" Martinez abusing students in New Orleans, so they just shuffled him off to El Paso where he continued his nasty habits, including one of Romero's brothers.

That is it for tonight. It has been hard to focus with all the ruckus here at the Pershing Inn....Romero's de facto HQ and site of his, and his brothers, Festivus (google Seinfeld) parties. At least the alley was paved, courtesy of Romero, who was helping his Community.

Part II (if you choose to publish Part I) to be continued tomorrow night. Same place, same channel. Good Night to everyone.

4. The El Paso Times