Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fighting in Fabens

Over the years I've explained to you all how unique campaigning is in the valley. Fabens is always interesting because its probably the worst place to poll watch in the county.

If it gets windy you are going to get pounded by dirt and there's no place to seek refuge. This is the time of the year when its cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon and the only shade that is out there is whatever tarp contraptions you set up.

Plus its right off a major (for Fabens) road.

Things get tense out there.

Even more so when there is an intense race that seems to have tightened up over the last few days.

So word around Fabens is that law enforcement has had to make a couple visits out to the polls because of all the smack talk going on. Apparently this has been an almost daily occurrence out there.

Since Friday is the last day of early voting, I'm expecting it to be legendary out there. I may have to take a trip out there and see what I can catch on the ol' video camera.

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