Monday, February 8, 2016

Gregory Gonzalez's Doh!

Gregory Gonzalez is the other candidate for Tax Assessor Collector and has zero chance of winning. And that is for a variety of reasons like no name ID, he hasn't raised much money, no one has really seen him campaign much, etc. And oh by the way, he has the same last name as the current appointed Tax Assessor Collector Ruben Gonzalez.

Which is why Ruben Gonzalez is going to lose too.

But here's a fun story that I thought I would pass along.

During election season, usually judicial candidates but others as well, like to decorate their vehicles with campaign paraphernalia and park it in the county parking garage. I guess they think it helps them get votes. I don't know who ever told them that lie, but it is what it is.

Well there is one parking spot in the employee parking that is treasured above all others. When I worked there I used to call it the "Employee of the Month" parking spot and it was usually taken by someone who gets to the courthouse insanely early. Like stupid early.

The parking spot is the closest to the 3rd floor causeway into the courthouse and the elevators to the other parking levels open up and the spot is right there in front of them.

Well for the past month or so young Mr. Gonzalez has parked a vehicle in the "Employee of the Month" parking spot and had signs on it. Its annoyed a few people that show up to work early but more importantly, its hilarious.

I'll tell you why.  

One of the main functions of the Tax Assessor Collector's Office in addition to calculating the effective tax rate and other functions is to capture fees and... its the place you get your stickers for your vehicle.

If you're running to head that office, wouldn't it behoove you to ensure that the car you parked strategically with your campaign ad on it didn't have EXPIRED STICKERS!


 think I can actually hear Homer Simpson yell 


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