Wednesday, February 10, 2016

HD 75: Chente Drops Negative TV / Mail Ad Against Rep Mary Gonzalez

There have been rumors for about a week or two that Chente Quintanilla was going to do some television spots to help his bid to regain the HD 75 seat currently occupied by State Rep Mary Gonzalez.

Chente appears to have rolled the dice and instead of spending his money on a ground war like Mary has, he spent it on an air war.

The ad and lit would be more effective if it were in Spanish - Chente still hasn't learned that you need to have a bilingual communication strategy in the valley even though he himself is Spanish dominant - and if the farmer depicted were Latino or a female instead of a white guy. But Forma should know better, especially now that Marquez is there, but thats not Chente's fault. Thats why he has consultants in the first place. But still its a pretty effective message.

Especially if this isn't the only commercial.

Here's the commercial (I had to record it with my phone from Chente's website because it doesn't have an embed code)

The literature also dropped yesterday in most of the valley so it was a pretty strategic release on the part of Forma group, Chente's consultants.

This is the issue that Mary Gonzalez had to see coming. She really screwed up when she killed that water bill and it came back to haunt her. And it goes to my problem with Gonzalez that I have mentioned over and over - her duality. She represents a district that has major water infrastructure problems and yet she tries to kill a bill over a personal beef while that community is recovering from a major disaster?

It makes no sense. Like the fact that she's a woman - has very pro-woman rhetoric and lots of campaign dollars from pro-women organizations - and is the ONLY MEMBER in the entire state legislature that has a district office on land were WOMEN CAN'T VOTE!

Her district office is on the Tigua reservation and Tigua women don't have the right to vote in tribal elections. You'd think that would be an issue for Rep Gonzalez but apparently her "Stand for Texas Women" only goes as far as rhetoric. She doesn't even have to admonish the pueblo for their traditions, but she doesn't have to put her office there either.

The issue comes up every time the pueblo tries to get gaming passed. Its Tigua tradition that only men are elected to leadership positions and participate in tribal elections. Not all tribes have that tradition, most tribes allow women to participate and some women have been elected to lead their tribes, but it is a long-standing tradition for the Pueblo. However, there have been a couple efforts over the last 20 years to allow women the right to vote in tribal elections.

The point isn't the tradition, the point is that Mary Gonzalez doesn't have to be the ONLY member of the legislature to say she stands for Texas women while having her office on land where women don't have the right to self-determination.

The Pueblo has every right to maintain their traditions, but Gonzalez putting an office where women don't have a voice in their own tribal elections while telling the world how much of an advocate for women she is is downright hypocritical.

I'm shocked the Burnt Orange Report endorsed her given that fact. Hell I'm shocked Annie's List is okay with that.

Back to the mail drop, her's a look at the mail piece.

By contrast Gonzalez has been pounding the ground in HD 75 for a very long time and has sent multiple pieces of mail to homes. 

Interesting sidebar - Gonzalez had her own "D'oh!" moment with block walkers recently. A while back Gonzalez had a block walker doing a lit drop. They bundled up materials with other candidates. One of the candidates, as you can see in this picture, was Tony Quintanilla - the would be challenger to fellow valley elected official County Commissioner Vince Perez. 

The rumor in the valley for a long time was that Gonzalez was looking for an opponent to run against Perez but she eventually set up a sit-down with Perez in spring of last year to clear the air with Perez that she wasn't doing so.

Which made this lit bundle at a door in Socorro problematic for Gonzalez considering she told Perez she wasn't working against him and that this lit was delivered after the 8th Court of Appeals ordered Quintanilla kicked off the ballot. 

By now you've noticed the big D'oh! Why would you distribute literature in the valley that has the same last name as your opponent? That has to top the list of one of the dumbest moves I've seen in a ground game, although it could've been a rogue volunteer. 


I told you this race would get interesting...

Up next, the bonehead move of an 8th Court of Appeals candidate....

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Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "Spanish Dominant?" Chente is strongly bilingual. He wouldn't have been a successful administrator for so many years if he wasn't an excellent English speaker.