Monday, February 1, 2016

HD 75: Times Feature Underscores Candidate Weaknesses

I wrote a piece a while back about how it doesn't matter who you vote for in HD 75 because you're essentially getting the same lack of representation from both candidates.

But a piece in the El Paso Times yesterday underscores it. What boggles the mind is how the piece centers around education but neither candidate has the leadership to talk about education in their own back yard?

Clint ISD has the worst inequity of school funding in the county and it has happened under the watch of both state reps.

Number of bills filed by the state reps to deal with the issue? - ZERO

The other issue that came up with residency.

How short a memory do you people have? When Gonzalez first ran for office I wrote about how she didn't live in the El Paso area and still lived in Austin. She hadn't lived any of her adult life in El Paso county prior to running for state rep.

That is a true statement that essentially hasn't changed. She went to college after high school and didn't move back to El Paso. She won the state rep race and still doesn't own a home here. I guess you could get into a discussion about what the definition of living somewhere is but I would say by the average person's definition of living in a community, Gonzalez simply doesn't.

Why else do you think she literally has only 4 contributions from within HD 75?

And don't get me started on Chente.

Chente is a nice guy, but he's another one that has been an educator for a long time and should've been taking the lead on the Clint funding issue. More so because he's always called himself "por la gente".

Pues haz algo por la gente Chente!

Chente has some campaign lit that highlights a promise Gonzalez made to throw a pizza party for the class that raised the most amount of donations of canned food. According to the lit, Gonzalez canceled one hour before the pizza party.

Not one to miss an opportunity to be a typical politician Chente swoops in to buy pizza for the kids, Little Caesars (can't blame him, he didn't raise much campaign money) and made sure to document his good dead and throw in a campaign sign.

I know, its distasteful to most of you reading this, but that is sorta the norm in the valley.

The rhetoric from these two would be funny if it weren't sad that the two were actually serious when they say they are committed to fixing education while ignoring a huge issue in their own back yard.

This race is starting to annoy me.

I'd expect to see Forma's blogger Ali -please-call-me-Max, step up his operations for Forma's stable of candidates. So expect to see stuff that is pro-Adolfo Lopez and Chente Quintanilla.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think it is unrealistic to expect them to get involved with local ISDs and their policies when they have so many ties to the school boards. They are either related to them, helped them get elected, or are in business with them.

The Lion Star said...

No I don't think its unrealistic, I think it should be expected.

They are the only level of government other than ISD's that actually deal with funding of education. The fact that this happened in their back yard, that such an embarrassing disparity in funding has been allowed to continue, demonstrates that their rhetoric about education is typical lip service.

Its why people hate politics and more importantly, hate that type of politician.