Thursday, February 18, 2016

HD75 Race Gets Bloody

Well it's getting late in the game and it looks like the two campaigns for HD75 are sticking knives in each other. Each campaign dropped a mailer in the last couple of days.

Rep Gonzalez went negative for the first time in her political career which is interesting. Most of her mail features overly-produced pictures of Gonzalez staged to look like she actually lives in the district. Her piece landed on Saturday.

She's clearly feeling a little heat.

Chente's Mail has been much cleaner than the crappy mail Dora Oaxaca used to do for him, but it was still inexplicably only in English. 

Well Chente and Forma finally figured out to do what Gonzalez has been doing all along, bilingual mail.

Chente's mail landed today.

Here's a look at the mailers from each campaign.

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