Monday, February 15, 2016

March of the D'Ohs!

Well this one doesn't qualify as a campaign gaffe per se, more of an office gaffe. Ruben Gonzalez, the appointed Tax Assessor Collector that is running to keep his job against his grandson Gregory Gonzalez (just kidding, no relation) and Siria Rocha apparently has a typo in his office.

As you can see in this photo, they are missing the "El" in El Paso. This is a used envelope so you can see these actually went out recently. 

Its really not that big of a deal except when you consider the fact that he pushes the idea of "proven results" in his GOTV mail piece that went out to voters on Saturday. 

Its always awkward when you market "proven results" and then your proven results are a little embarrassing. 

Not sure how much it cost but I'm sure its being rectified. Unless they are just finding out about the mistake through this post. 

So that is two D'ohs! from that race. Rocha has to avoid a gaffe so that the D'Oh! bug doesn't run the table in that election. 


Speaking of D'oh - Antonio Quintanilla's appeal was denied by the Texas Supreme Court. So he is off the ballot for good now. 

This is a big D'oh for a lot of people, starting with Carlos Sierra. He's trying to make his comeback into El Paso politics and he picked up where he left off, with a big fat loss. Sierra will no-doubt try his hand with another candidate but when you figure that he had a candidate who had never voted and didn't live in the district he was trying to represent, you gotta wonder about Sierra's through process. What on earth made him think that Tony Quintanilla was going to be a viable candidate?

There is also big time egg on the face of the Tejano Democrats who not only sent out a text message to his flop of a fundraiser to their membership before endorsing him, but they endorsed him when he wasn't on the ballot. 

But with all the D'oh's in this campaign season I've been inspired to do another poll. This time I'll let you decide the biggest D'oh! of this election cycle by voting in a new poll. Look for it later today. 

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