Friday, February 26, 2016

Noe & Acosta Sharing Staff at City Hall

I briefly mentioned the fact that at least two members of council basically share the same staffer, Dora Oaxaca.

If you recall I wrote about how she had explained that she was working for Rep Acosta but that she was also getting paid by Rep Noe to help him out with stuff dealing with the MPO.

The MPO stands for the Metropolitan Planning Organization and they are one of the most powerful entities around because they are the body that divides up the local funds for transportation and mobility in the region.

Its the entity that the city has having all kids of issues with meeting their requirements and have been losing out on a lot of money.

All you people complaining about how the city lost $20 million should be more upset about the city losing TRIPLE that amount in lost or postponed projects because of their inability to get shit done on time and correctly.

So Noe getting some help from Dora Oaxaca on those issues isn't really a surprise. She has been working on MPO stuff since she first help elect Willie Gandara to office and later served as his staffer.

But this isn't the first time that sharing a staffer has happened.

Back in the day, former City Rep Eddie Holguin and former City Rep Alejandro Lozano shared a staff member. They shared Jaime O. Perez.

There is an inherent issue when you share a staffer though.


And I'd add priorities to the list as well. What happens when the interests of two different city reps comes into play?

Or the interests of their constituents.

I wondered aloud yesterday why Reps Acosta and Noe were so tight lately on a lot of important policy issues. Well when you share staff, that might be a good indicator.

I know that a lot of you didn't Noe about that issue before, so stay tuned. You never Noe how interesting this might get.


Lencho said...

'Tan feas esas brujas! Y ese guey...MAMON!

Anonymous said...

Lencho you got that exactly right!