Friday, February 19, 2016

Precinct 92 Race

I don't do endorsements for a myriad of reasons and frankly, no one wants nor needs my endorsement.

But when it comes to a precinct chair race I think I'm pretty qualified to give you all in Precinct 92 a good recommendation. 

So here's my recommendation. Vote for Isela CastaƱon-Williams. I know Isela personally and have known her and her work in the Democratic Party for years.

I don't often agree with who she supports for various offices, but I disagree with a lot of people in the Party. I'm often critical of the Old Guard of the Party for their often circus-like behavior. Many of them are far more concerned with making a scene rather than actually doing the work of the Party.

Isela is one of the few that actually works for the Party. 

I know what you're thinking, she was the treasurer for the guy that was going to run against my old boss, Vince Perez. Yes that's indeed true, but if you can't be a pro and get over stuff like that then you don't belong in politics.

And even I can recognize her contribution to the Party.

She has something her opponent, Jaime Barceleau, doesn't have - a track record of being a Democrat.

Isela has made phone calls and knocked on doors for Democrats. She has been to conventions as a delegate and participated in several Democratic Party auxiliary organizations.

Here's what you need to know about Jaime Barceleau...he has high plans of being a city rep one day. He wants to replace City Rep Emma Acosta on city council in the future.

So he figures precinct chair is a good place to start.

He should forget about being a city rep. It ain't gonna happen for a lot of really good reasons.

But that's something for another day. For now, Barceleau should understand that the precinct chair office is supposed to be something taken seriously. 

Barceleau hasn't done a damn thing for the Party. At best he's shown up to a few events, but that's only because he's District Clerk Norma Favela's "plus one".

No one in the Party would know the guy if it weren't for the fact of who he's dating. 

Sorry Barceleau but who your girlfriend is doesn't qualify you for the position.

And if you want proof that the guy doesn't have the good of the Party in mind, take a look at his campaign material. 

He didn't even think to put "Democrat" on it. And he's describes himself as "mostly conservative".

By the way, you're supposed to have what party you are running for and the disclaimer. Hope he's reporting what was spent, even if it's in-kind.

Vote for someone who has made a commitment to the Party and will take the job seriously, not someone who has never demonstrated an ounce of loyalty to the Party and is only using the position as a stepping stone for another office. Vote for someone who can be trusted. 

Vote for a real Democrat in action, not just name.

Vote for someone that doesn't describe themselves as conservative.

Vote for Isela CastaƱon-Williams. 

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