Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Props to a City Employee

I know I spend a lot of time in this blog talking about the ineptitude of City Hall. As a former staffer myself, I know that there is frequently a lot of good work that goes on, the vast majority of it in fact, that never gets reported.

In the past I have been critical of rude employees in the City Attorney's Office. But if I can be critical in public, I also have to give a hat tip when it is due.

So props to Anthony Juarez from the city's IT Department. I've had a problem trying to stream the city council meetings on a Mac. Its been a big pain in the butt for a long time.

Juarez called me and walked me through what to do in order to stream the meetings because the instructions on the landing page didn't work.

Bee Tee Dubs - remove the "s" from the url on the streaming landing page and then click mobile view and you'll be able to stream.

Easy fix, but the fact that he took the time to call me and help me out is a good thing. I'm sure its the norm. He had no clue who he was talking to on the phone so that makes it even more of a big deal to me.

If you're his boss and reading this I hope its reflected on his performance evaluation.

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