Friday, February 12, 2016

Rep Larry Romero & Why Martin Paredes is an Idiot

And not a very useful one at that.

Its pretty much universally understood in the blogosphere that Paredes is the slow kid wearing the dunce cap in the back of the classroom that we all give wedgies too and the occasional swirly.

He's got it coming though because he talks so much crap about an endless stream of conspiracy theories.

At first I thought it was because he's not an El Pasoan and lives in Orlando with all the other characters with oversized features.

But alas, that isn't it. Sometimes people just aren't very smart.

Someone told me about another silly little post by the couch-surfing Flying Monkey so I went to go check it out and I almost died laughing.

So apparently Paredes I guess was under the impression that Romero resigning was all just one big lie and said that "local newspaper, the three bloggers..." etc here just writing about a rumor.

In fact he even said the resignation was "just a rumor".

Here's the section:

So since the Times confirmed the story with Mayor Leeser, who isn't a second-hand source because Romero told him he was resigning, so that would make him a first person source - and the Times names the mayor, I guess Paredes thinks that isn't a credible source.

Here's the thing about much as he wants to pretend he's a journalist or a legitimate news source, he's been proven over and over to be just an idiot with an agenda. He's got a long list of misleading people purposefully or because he just isn't capable of grasping complex concepts like reading or coloring in the lines.

But I can only speak for myself on this one, but considering I'm the ONLY one who actually talked to a family member, is Paredes stupid enough to actually believe that isn't a credible source?

Seriously, he's not only saying the Mayor could have been lying about the resignation - but he's also saying that Romero's own son was apparently in on it too.

His stupidity makes me giggle.

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