Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rep Marquez Beefing Up Forma Group

Ever since retiring State Rep Marisa Marquez formally got on board with Forma Group, who she had long been associated with before deciding to retire, she has made an impact on the "turn-key" campaign consulting firm.

Lots of retiring state reps are involved in selected their replacements but only Marquez has literally found a way to make it her actual job to elect her replacement.

That is because the firm represents Adolfo Lopez, one of the two candidates vying for the post that is soon to be vacated by Marquez.

Even if you didn't know she worked for the firm, Stevie Wonder could see Marquez's handy work all over the campaigns they are running. The first give-away is the amount of money essentially being piped in from a single source, the TER.

The other give-away is the present of Dee Margo. And now as of late, Donald Margo. Donald Margo, Dee's son, co-hosted a fundraiser for Adolfo Lopez.

I only make note of it because I thought he had left El Paso never to return after a non-famous sour-grapes filled temper tantrum of a letter to the media after the elder Margo's loss to Joe Moody.

In fact the young lad actually called Joe Moody "a wise-cracking kid" - Moody is actually older than Donald - and said that El Paso "damn well" doesn't deserve Dee Margo.

Marquez also is leaving her mark on Forma in other ways. In fact it now looks like Forma is becoming an extension of her old legislative office. I was on their website recently and noticed that two of the three people pictured in this photo were also her legislative staff so she is clearly happy with their performance.

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