Monday, February 29, 2016

Rocha's D'oh

I'll post some more serious stuff later but right now I thought I'd post this fun little piece and about the D'oh bug having run its course through the all the candidates for Tax Assessor Collector. 

Let's call it Fun with Stock Photos.

Check out this mailer that landed this weekend from Siria Rocha.

As you can see from these two other photos, it's a stock image.

And this one:

Same image, just the angle is flipped and it's cropped differently.

That's not really the D'oh!

Take another look at the first image. 

See it? 

Rocha's campaign sent the mail to the campaign manager of her opponent.

I mean it's not exactly a secret that Michael Apodaca is running Ruben Gonzalez's campaign. 

Has her data person never heard of an opposition list? 

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