Thursday, February 4, 2016

Romero Health Issue More Serious?

In this article in today's El Paso Times regarding questions that were asked of City Rep Romero and City Manager Tommy Gonzalez, which appear to allow them time to prepare their answers in writing, there was an interesting revelation made regarding Rep Romero.

Romero is facing a lot of scrutiny and an ethics complaint relating to dealings with Gonzalez. The Times tried to contact Romero to get comment about their story and his wife indicated that they would know next week if Romero would be "able to return to his duties at City Hall".

Originally it was thought that Romero was just going to be out in order to recoup from his stroke, but there were some who said it was a way for him to get off of council and save face.

As I wrote previously, you don't fake a stroke. That is a major health issue.

But as one reader keeps emailing me about, Romero still feels well enough to conduct the business he runs.

My response would be that what he deals with at council is far more stressful that his business and the guy has to feed his family so who would fault him from working?

Nonetheless it is a strong indication that there is the likelihood, as I have said before, that Romero will not fill out his term and that there will have to be a solution to filling his seat probably in the very near future.

I'm assuming Jim Tolbert runs but there are several other people that are pretty well known that have indicated an interest in the seat should it become vacant.

Something to watch...

Also later today I'll be posting a wrap up and video from the Burges High School debate sponsored by City Rep Emma Acosta.

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