Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sex Sells: Negative Ad Drops on Legislator

Its probably the most negative ad I've ever seen in a local race.

Its also probably the most effective ad I've ever seen in a local race.

Senator Uresti of San Antonio is featured in this ad. As I have said in the past, Austin is Babylon. It is the biggest hot bed of debauchery this side of Washington.

Actually many say its even worse, which is hilarious when you consider its dominated by conservative leadership.

Since we've been talking about TV ads lately, and I'll be talking about Chente's ad against Mary Gonzalez tomorrow, I thought I'd share this ad with you all.

In the day and age that we live in those that are stepping out on their significant others should be very careful. You never know where a camera is lurking. Or better yet, how about not screwing around?

They play hardball in San Antonio.


L Chuco said...

Frank Madla's widow?

The Lion Star said...

That was my thought too but I don't know if the age is right, I've never seen her.