Friday, February 26, 2016

The Hillary Bust?

Awhile back in the local Democratic Party scene there was all the buzz when the various establishment groups were all getting behind Hillary Clinton and getting on that bandwagon there was talk about bringing Hillary to El Paso.

As a veteran of the Obama-Hillary War of 8 years ago, I remember fondly the energy behind that race. The Hillary people were coming out of the wood work. There were Hillary signs and stickers everywhere.

On the Obama side we tried to do what we could but it was clear that El Paso was Hillary country.

And on Election Day, we saw huge voter turnout numbers in El Paso. Seriously big numbers.

Numbers so big that when we campaign types put together ground ops, we typically through those numbers out the window because they were such an anomaly.

But there were people that maintained hope, (see what I did there) that Hillary would still be able to draw big numbers.

Well time to play the sad trumpet.

We haven't seen a big uptick in voting. In fact, turnout has been kinda shitty.

I haven't seen a single Hillary sign anywhere. Not one. I've seen a few Bernie signs but no Hillary. I'm not saying Bernie is taking El Paso county, because he's not going to.

But what I am saying is that there is basically none of the energy of the last time she ran and turn-out is down a la madre. El Paso is not going to even influence how much of a margin Hillary takes Texas with.

Also, as much as it bothers a lot of campaign people, signs almost never mean a damn thing. David Stout beat Sergio Lewis without single damn sign. Lewis had those weird signs my buddy Morris Pittle did for him but they made Lewis look like Joseph Stalin and Homer Simpson had a baby.

So signs aren't going to win an election for you. But to see not a single Hillary sign anywhere is a bad strategy for your voters that only vote in presidential elections. There's no reminder that its a presidential year and in a Democratic city like El Paso, the Republican clown show isn't going to make them come out and vote.

Hillary wins but with low voter turnout. Not much of a statement from her supporters.


Thomas said...

If the Democrats do not turn out to vote this favors the Republicans. Republicans always do best when the Democrats fail to turnout to vote. No matter how you try and spin it Jaime there are a lot of Democrats that do not like Hillary and would not vote for her if hell was freezing over. As Democrats you have to really worry about those Democrats who hate Hillary so much that they vote Republican. In addition the Hillary Democrats better worry about which way the independent voters go. The independent voters could very well be the game changers in this election. Sorry Hillary is not a shoe in for this election.

The Lion Star said...

I don't know where you are getting the idea that I'm for Hillary.

I'm for BERNIE. I think I've made that clear pretty damn often Thomas. So why on earth do you think I'm spinning anything?

And Democrats not voting on Tuesday have ZERO to do with Republicans. It is in no way help to them.

Because its a PRIMARY!

Thomas said...

Never said you support Hillary but you do toe the party line and for a supporter of Sanders you have thrown in the towel to Hillary. Jaime just a question do you know the odds any one winning five coin tosses in a row? Your candidate Sanders was screwed by your party but no a word from you on the underhanded treatment. Yep come November sure you will be championing Hillary.
Then again the point of my post was if the Dems do not turn out to vote in November the Republicans are going win. If they will not turn out to vote,your party failing to energizes your members now, then your party is in trouble come November. Once again a lot of Democrats hate Hillary. Just saying.