Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tony Quintanilla's Campaign Finance Report & Carlos Sierra

Here is part of the reason why the Tejano Dems not filing a campaign finance report is so interesting... because they endorsed a candidate that is not on the ballot and it appears they are all set to spend a lot of money on their slate of endorsed candidates.

But they aren't the only ones that are doing that. They are just the only ones not reporting it.

Turns out that the bail bondsmen in town are also still putting money in to Tony Quintanilla's campaign. 

Before I go further, let me explain something very important. Quintanilla filed an appeal with the Supreme Court of Texas asking them to over-turn the decision of the 8th Court of Appeals that determined he was ineligible to be a candidate for County Commissioner for Precinct 3. But the Supreme Court HAS NOT issued an injunction or any other order halting the election process as a result of Quintanilla filing the appeal. 

What does that mean in layman's terms?

It means he's not on the ballot and he's not going to be. The ballots already went out. The ballots went out overseas and to mail-in ballot voters already. I point this out because there may be some people who have donated to Quintanilla or might be helping him put door hangers on cars in parking lots in Horizon City that don't realize that his name won't be there on the ballot come election day. 

Actually Chente Quintanilla probably appreciates the help because its likely more field work that he has done. Hell a good chuck of those voters will see Quintanilla and he'll pick those votes up. 

Hell he should send Tony Quintanilla a thank you card and some of those Little Caesars pizzas. 

Don't believe me? Read for yourself here. And heres a screen shot:

The Ivey's, one of the wealthy and powerful farmer families in the valley, donated to Quintanilla but their contributions look like they were before the decision to remove Tony Quintanilla from the ballot came down. Actually their contributions look like they were supposed to have been reported on the previous campaign finance report, but lets cut Quintanilla some slack. The vato's never even voted before so its not surprising if there are a few little boo-boos here and there. 

The bondsmen contributed after the decision but only $500. The Sheriff's Officer's Association didn't contribute in this report. It appears they realized that it didn't make sense to contribute to a candidate that isn't on the ballot anymore. First smart thing they have done in a long time, so good for them.

Quintanilla's lawyer for the Supreme Court appeal is Danny Anchondo, former Chairman of the El Paso Democratic Party. He was attached to the Party's case when Perez challenged the eligibility of Quintanilla with the 8th Court of Appeals. At that time Quintanilla was represented by the Lerma Law Firm and they gave an in-kind contribution of legal services that they tally up at either $11,000 or $16,000, its hard to read the handwriting on his report. 

Either way, that is a lot of money to change for a loss. But hey its an in-kind contribution, so its not real money anyway.

What is interesting though is who the campaign money went to. Other than legal fees, which has soaked up a lot of his money, it appears to have gone to Millennium Strategies. 

That is code for Carlos Sierra. 

The address listed for the firm is the same address in Chicago (9 West Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois) that Sierra listed as an address for a Draft Joe Biden organization that eventually let him go.

So the question for the Tea-janos is now this... do they still spend their club money advertising a candidate who was not on the ballot when they endorsed him and is not going to be on the ballot come election day? 

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