Monday, February 8, 2016

Video: SBOE Candidate Georgina Perez

This is video of State Board of Education candidate Georgina Perez at a recent candidate forum at Burges High School.

Her opponent was not in attendance and I haven't heard of him showing up to very many events at all. He's a Forma candidate and is almost entirely funded by the Texans for Education Reform which may explain why he's been kinda scarce. Its doubtful he wants to face questions about where his money comes from, although I did hear a rumor that he showed up to an endorsement meeting for an organization wearing a military field uniform for some reason. 

Any who, I'd post video of him too if I could get it. 

In the mean time, here's video of candidate Georgina Perez. And since most of the time races like that are pretty boring, Perez actually engaged the crowd more so than the candidates in the other boring races:

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Anonymous said...

She often would come across as rude and hateful, especially if you were Conservative.
But I have noticed a change in her demeanor after her daughter's issues this summer. She seems more approachable and friendly.
Maybe she would be a good advocate for Parents who are having representation issues in their districts, maybe like in Clint?