Friday, February 26, 2016

Well Played Tocayo, Well Played...

District Attorney Jaime Esparza has been getting a lot of criticism on the campaign trail about not having a leading role in the public corruption cases that plagued El Paso for many years.

In fairness to Esparza he did try former founding member of Socorro's G-Unit, Jesse Gandara. He got a conviction but didn't put anyone on the stand during the punishment phase and the communities in the Lower Valley were upset that Gandara only got probation.

But in this article in the El Paso Times, Check out this article from El Paso Times:

Texas Rangers asked by DA to review City Hall report

 it appears Esparza is going to take a look at the ethics investigation report. 

Now when you hear Esparza's answers to attacks by his opponents about why he didn't take a more active role previously, his desire to look into this case appear to fly in the face of his previous answer.

People are going to want to know why now and not before.

The release, or lack of release I should say, of documents to the El Paso Times is really interesting. Now requests are going to get much more legal scrutiny. The City is probably going to have to be extra vigilant about getting those requests answered thoroughly and properly.

If people think he's going to also look at the events that led to the delay that cost $20 million to tax payers then his move is brilliant.

His race is tighter than he probably expected it to be and this is an issue that would be popular for him to take a stand on.

Well played. Very well played indeed. On the last day of Early Voting no less.

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