Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Zas! A Little Much?

Well Freeway Carpets has never been accused of pulling punches.

A bit much? 

(Before you people lose your mind, don't kill the messenger on this one, blame Freeway Carpets, not me.)


Anonymous said...

Just lost some good paying customers.

Anige said...

Jaime, my Friend:

You are just as bad as Freeway Carpets for putting it on your blog.

Shame on them and Shame on you. Your Friend, Angie

The Lion Star said...

Angie please explain to me how you can actually say that? Its a billboard in a prominent place.

So how am I wrong for putting it up?

There's this thing called the constitution. Google it and look for the part that says 1st Amendment.

Your Friend,