Monday, March 21, 2016

Acosta - Doubling Down Dilemma

City Rep Acosta seems to have now resigned to the fact that her political career after this term is essentially over. Why else would she double-down the ridiculous agenda item that she put forward at the last meeting?

So now she wants city council to take up a discussion that hopefully doesn't actually violate the Texas Open Meetings laws and will allow the city to push for state legislation that will essentially ask them to change the law to allow for things that are already allowed for.

This is because Acosta is trying to recover some sense of credibility in all of this and is trying to make something out of nothing here. Which is the real problem. The agenda isn't for that purpose.

But as a practical matter it doesn't mean anything. It doesn't fix a problem what exists and it doesn't fix a problem that doesn't already have a solution.

And really the biggest thing it does is draw attention to the hypocrisy of Acosta's effort. Acosta never had an issue with any of this when it was her colleague that was facing this issue. She didn't seem to care one bit. Again, she only began to care when I made a request to her office.

Don't believe me? Well there is no documentation existing anywhere that shows that this was a concern for Acosta prior to my request.

So far.

Who knows what will pop up when I get my open records request back asking for text messages between her, City Rep Noe, Dora Oaxaca and Noes' staffer?

Interestingly Acosta hasn't consulted with any members of the legislative delegation about her misguided bid.

I noticed this comment from State Rep Joe Moody on his Facebook page.

I don't know about you but it seems pretty clear to me what Rep Moody thinks about Acosta's initiative.

City council should take this into consideration tomorrow when they hear Acosta's attempt to save face at tax payer's expense.


hank said...

Like I said before, can't wait until you get the request.

Anonymous said...

Is there an opening at the zoo? That's where this pitiful, ugly, uneducated goes(emma acosta). Will keep you posted if there is a cage available.