Tuesday, March 29, 2016

D2: The Last Minute Filings

As expected the field of candidates for the District 2 race is now the size of a small kindergarten class.

Prior to yesterday I think Tolbert was going to walk away without a run-off election because there weren't really any formidable opposition nor anyone that has any field experience.

In fact, had one particular candidate not filed, it would probably still be the same scenario although having a lot of candidates in the race inherently makes it more difficult to win without a run-off, though not impossible.

Cemelli De Aztlán joins Jim Tolbert as the real credible candidates in the race. She's raza, younger, and more liberal than Tolbert.

The other candidates are basically one-issue candidates that don't really have a base, campaign money, or a grassroots infrastructure to be real competitive.

Ultimately this comes down to Tolbert Vs. De Aztlán.

If Cemelli can raise money, and I think the developers might look at her as a viable alternative to Tolbert, then this could get real interesting. Right now, Tolbert is going to have the edge on everything - money, organization, name ID, time, etc.

The good thing with Tolbert V. De Aztlán is that it will guarantee a good debate. I wanted to see a rigorous debate about policy and it looks like that will happen at least with those two candidates. The others will likely speak in very broad terms about issues, but at least those two have enough knowledge of policy that you can expect a good debate, which is one of the things I was looking forward to happening.

D2 is in a better place with a rigorous debate about issues now.

Let the games begin..

(PS - I'll start on candidate profiles and interviews soon so that you can hear a little bit from all of them about their policy positions.)


Anonymous said...

Do you think Cemelli would take money from developers? Doesn't she consider them aggressors against Mother Earth? And if she won would one of her first actions be banning Columbus Day in El Paso?
For those people who thought Georgina P. was a crazy, leftist candidate... they ain't seen nothing yet!

The Lion Star said...

I published this comment because it shows how disconnected you are with El Paso. This is a progressive liberal town.

Want proof?

Georgina, you know the one you called a crazy leftist candidate, didn't lose a single precinct in El Paso County.

Look it up.

Your Pal,


Anonymous said...

Tolbert and Aztlan are part of the El Paso establishment, we in district 2 need honest working candidates like Nevarez. A veteran that doesn't hold the interest of your friends the Escobar gang.

The Lion Star said...

I'm guessing this is Daniel Lopez. Don't be shy, put your name next to your comments!

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone that looks at either of the two of them as the "establishment".

If you're going to try to paint Nevarez as a Trump-style anti-establishment candidate you might want to check with him first. I don't that that is doing him any favors.

Anonymous said...

When you say "raza" are you implying for people to vote for her because of race?

Xavier Miranda said...

Folks like Cemeli De Aztlan and Jim Tolbert have admirably served our community. Social justice and environment issues are certainly not "establishment" concerns, these are progressive indeed. And by the way, not progressive as defined by current elected politicos. Don't live in their district, but our entire city will be the better for their service. Xavier Miranda

Anonymous said...

The Aztlan woman would never take money from the developers. There is no way they would give her money