Friday, March 11, 2016

District 2 Candidate - Angel Del Toro

A new candidate has filed for District 2, Angel Del Torro.

I have never heard of him before and so I only have a few details.

To my knowledge he's not a guy that has been around political circles and I don't recall him being at city hall for anything noteworthy but a lot of people go to city hall so that doesn't really mean anything.

He's from the Austin area and is a retired Financial Analyst with the Federal Reserve Bank. He's in his late 60's.

More details as I get to know him.

Del Toro joins Jim Tolbert and David Nevarez as candidates that have formally announced their candidacy for the seat left vacant by City Rep Larry Romero who has resigned due to health issues relating to a stroke.

Mr. Romero is still under investigation for an alleged ethics code violation through a complaint filed by Tolbert.

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