Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Endorsement Battle

So let's see who carries more weight with voters.

The Congressman and the Senator or the State Rep and the Mayor.

Early voting numbers will be released after 7pm. If anyone is up more than 10% points it's probably going to stay that way. 

Turnout looks low.


Anonymous said...

Who cares it's said and done!!! Now let's wait and SEE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The biggest losers in these races? FORMA and Marissa Marquez. Especially after what they did to Gonzalez. They'll never admit it, tho (their Max Powers blog is already trying to discredit Mary Gonzalez and Lena Ortega who beat their candidates not because they are female but because they ran good campaigns and worked hard). Their next plan is to run Dee Margo against Leeser? What a fool Leeser was to endorse the candidate of the team that recruited his next opponent.

Anonymous said...

Calmate y quien eres tu loser?