Monday, March 14, 2016

Holguin Takes Telles to School

I've been skeptical of Iliana Holguin as the chair of the Democratic Party for a while. But last night on ABC 7 Xtra she blew away the chair of the El Paso Republican Party.

I don't think I've ever seen a chair of the Party that could so eloquently debate an opponent.

She clearly outclassed Telles.

Actually, let me be more accurate...she gave him a beat down.

I got the impression that Telles is a Trump supporter and he spent the entire time on the show defending Trump while Holguin very methodically laid out the case of why he's bad for America.

Telles seems to forget that even El Paso Republicans have rejected Trump. He came in third behind Rubio and Cruz.

So tip of the hat to Holguin, job well done.

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Anonymous said...

Holguin did a better job at this debate than Adolfo did.
However, as an El Paso Republican I can say I am thrilled with Adolfo's work so far. At least he showed up. I have seen him do more to promote and grow the Party and our point of view in the past few months than the previous chairman did in all 152 years he was in charge! He will improve with time.