Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Comments at City Hall Yesterday

I spoke yesterday at city hall against an agenda item that City Rep Emma Acosta put on the agenda that was not even a thinly veiled attempt to try to intimidate and impede me from accessing documents that are available to the public.

I haven't written about it publicly sooner because I was saving my remarks for the public comment portion of the meeting. I felt it was better to show Acosta and Dora Oaxaca that no middle school playground tactic was going to work on me.

But let me be clear, my anger about this item wasn't about me. I have plenty of people that talk bad about me. I've had plenty of people who have tried to intimidate me and push me around. Not sure why people haven't learned this yet, but that shit doesn't work on me. I have literally taken all that people can throw at me and I'm still here. So get it through your heads hater-nation, I'm not going anywhere. I've already weathered a rough storm with more negative press than a Gandara. I'm still standing.

However, just because it didn't actually work on me doesn't mean that the intent wasn't there. My anger was that Acosta would actually have the audacity to try to intimidate anyone at all. What about all the people that would be scared off by that kind of tactic?

Also, let me be clear about something else. Acosta wasn't alone on this one. I'm almost positive this was the brain child of Dora Oaxaca. When you have a move that is clearly based in emotion rather than logic and has no legal basis, that has Dora written all over it. The fact that the discussion Acosta had was so very different from what the language on the agenda underscore the fact that this was all about trying to intimidate and impede me.

But Dora and Acosta probably weren't expecting the reaction they got from the item. Hell even my haters were coming to my defense. So Dora probably is the one who got her into this and they likely spent the weekend trying to figure out a way out of this and try to save face somehow.


The entire nonsensical argument Acosta made floated from the Apple/FBI/Terrorist case to someone getting medical care at a hospital through hacking a cell phone. I suppose somewhere in there Dora meant for her boss to have a salient point but if she did, it was no where to be found.

I have much more insight on this coming, including several times where Rep Acosta said things that are just flat-out untrue, and one thing that if true, says a whole lot about Acosta. And I don't mean in a good way.

But before that post, I want to point out one thing very important about what Acosta said. She raised all these "concerns" that she has had for "awhile" about supposed security threats with open records requests. And she went to great lengths to say that her item had nothing to do with me or my request to her office.

So if she had all these concerns, why didn't she raise a single one of these concerns when Ordaz had to deal with an open records request for text messages? Where was Acosta's concern then?

Better yet, where was her concern in the following months?

The truth is Acosta never once publicly raised a concern until AFTER she got my open records request.

That leads into my next post.

For now, here's what I said.


Anonymous said...

Jaime are you surprised all this coming from dumbbell Acosta. Find out what happened with her when she worked either at the water utilities company or the sanitation dept. There were several issues.

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Good for you Sir! Acosta probably has at least as many skeletons in her closet than does Romero, or given her lengthy tenure, perhaps more. Acosta and Romero are cut from the same cloth. Enrich themselves at the expense of the denizens of the city who pay for her wages and "bennies."

Follow the Money! That is where most of the skeletons will be hidden.

Unknown said...

i'm going to get vulgar.
She needs a man or two quickly.

Thomas said...

Dora the explorer is scumbag of the highest order any one who has her as an assistant is a idiot.

Anonymous said...

This demonstrates that she is not above manipulating the system to punish or quiet people she disagrees with. She is not afraid to take public steps to silence people she disagrees with, can you just imagine what she is willing to do behind the scenes? That is scary.
This move alone should disqualify her from seeking further office and definitely from running for Mayor. Thank you for exposing her and not being a victim of her harassment.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Jaime. Anyone who speaks truth or tries to be honest, is going to get hit...hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Please dig a little more my friend and you will find plenty that's a guarantee.

Anonymous said...

Emma Acosta a tremendously huge snake in the grass. It's time to expose her!

Anonymous said...

Jaime, "punga la basura en su lugar".