Monday, March 28, 2016

The Perez Proposal

An event that was 5 years in the making finally became official last night at a small family event in the Lower Valley.

County Commissioner Vince Perez proposed to long-time girlfriend and City Representative Claudia Ordaz at a family Easter gathering at the home of Perez's parents near Bel Air High School.

Normally this would be the part were I would insert a video, or at the very least a picture of Perez making the proposal to Ordaz but truth be told, I went inside to grab another beer and when I came outside Perez's father and grandmother were clapping along with the rest of the family that was present. So I missed it.

Perez and Ordaz started dating after Ordaz left Senator Shapleigh's Office to work with Congressman Reyes' Office.

The First Couple of the Valley each represent portions of the Lower Valley and Eastside of the respective areas and have been dating for over 5 years.

By the way, Ordaz said yes.

There has been no official date set so far.

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