Friday, March 18, 2016

There's Something About Marisa

Everyone seems to have taken their turn writing about Marisa Marquez lately and I have basically refrained.

I refrained because the Times piece basically said everything that needs to be said. Sure, she dispatched her lapdog to write several pieces defending her or drawing a false equivalency to other elected officials that dabble in consulting.

Interestingly Emma Acosta's name wasn't mentioned. She also is a 'consultant'.

The reality is they are different from Marquez because they aren't lobbying subordinate levels of government and if were a big deal then you'd hear experts and colleagues calling them out on it like you do Marquez.

But you don't. Because it isn't.

However, I want to be totally clear about something. I don't think Marquez is breaking the law or committing a crime.

That is the important take away from all of this.

What should be a crime, is the fact that people actually pay Forma Group, the firm she's now a major player in. I'm not talking about funneling money to candidates through "in-kind" donations either.

I just mean that it should be a crime to pay them when they can't seem to actually win an election.

They are on a serious losing streak and they don't even have any candidates in run-offs which is interesting because all three run-off elections feature Hispanic females.

On the serious tip, what annoys people about Marquez is the campaign stuff and the fact that she is just so hard to believe.

Let me explain what I mean. She's given a lot of lip service to fighting for her constituents and how working for Forma won't interfere. Well there was an MPO meeting today. Guess who wasn't there?

Thats right, Marisa Marquez. But hey, she's keeping her streak alive of not having attended a meeting in a year and a half!

Which is hilarious when you consider that Forma dropped a piece of mail against Mary Gonzalez for having a shitty attendance record at the MPO. Which is true by they way, she does.

In fact she'd be in the running for the worst attendance record of the delegation if it wasn't for the fact that she is exceeded only guessed it...Marisa Marquez.

Since the legislature isn't in session, I'm just curious as to what was so important that neither of the two decided to show up. Maybe someone should ask Price's Creamery to put them on the back of a milk carton.

But of course we are supposed to believe that in a 7 person firm that includes two of Marquez' legislative staffers that the Director of Client Acquisition has nothing to do with campaigning against Gonzalez.

Sure she didn't...we believe ya!


Anonymous said...

Funny that you put a cow on the side...considering the members of the sorority Gonzalez is/was president of, Kappa Delta Chi, are often referred to as KD Cows...

Anonymous said...

This is funny. Expect a counter-attack from Marquez's blogger in 5...4...3...2..

Anonymous said...

Poor Mary she sure is f_cking ugly, ugly, ugly, and stupied.

The Lion Star said...

I only published that comment so that I could publicly say how much of a dumbass you are.

Not only is criticizing looks really immature of you, but you misspelled stupid.


Anonymous said...

I respect Marquez and Gonzalez. Acosta is another story.