Monday, March 14, 2016

Ugarte Off Base

I don't know what it is about Constables that make them think they are generals of small Central American countries but a lot of them have egos like Manuel Noriega.

At the county today there is an agenda item to basically let Oscar Ugarte take office several months early.

And it's a pointless and unnecessary item that does nothing but serve ego.

There is zero practical need for Ugarte to assume office early. It's a false sense of urgency. Sure he's a great guy and all but that is beside the point. He's a Constable, it's not a mission-critical office that requires him to assume it early. 

And seriously, he really needs to stop invoking the name of Robert White after every sentence. It's tacky. 

Ugarte should just wait to take office in January like every other elected official. It sets a bad precedent. Now every elected official that doesn't have an opponent in November will be asking the court to take office early.

Commissioners should delete this item.

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