Monday, April 25, 2016

Another Tantrum From David K

David K - who I’m rather enjoying having an absolute fit over anything I post on my blog or my social media - has shat himself again.

This time its because of who the El Paso Times endorsed for city council in District 2. Much like many of you, I figured it would’ve been Jim Tolbert. 

Let me stop for a minute and bring you all up to speed. David K is all in for Jim Tolbert. I don’t think even he would deny that. He’s a big Tolbert fan and he will likely add to the other City Reps that DK communicates with and then denies he communicates with them. 

Like I said, I’m as shocked as the rest of you that CDA got the endorsement. The cesspool that is the comment section is even funnier because its basically a bunch of white people who hide behind a screen name to talk crap about Mexicans - and now CDA.

Making this a race thing doesn’t help Tolbert. But DK doesn’t care, he’s just in the middle of another one of his famous tantrums. 

I’ll repeat what I said the other day - either candidate would make a great city rep for district 2. Both are smart and would do a great job. Not according to David K though. 

But let me clear up something David K is trying to feed you people that is compete bullshit - despite what he tells you, the Times’ endorsement matters.

I’m not sure on what planet he believes that the daily English-language publication isn’t a factor but it shows how disconnected with this town he’s become. First, who still reads newspapers?

Old people. The print version anyway.

Who votes at a higher rate?

Old people.

Who are more likely to be homeowners and therefore more dialed in to issues that affect taxes?

Old people. 

David K confuses what the purpose of the endorsement is with whether or not the candidate wins. 

Their job is to pick who they feel is the best candidate for the job, not the one they think is most likely to win. In an ideal world, the best candidate gets the endorsement and the win. But not always. 

There’s been times were I thought the editorial board got one wrong and I’ve mentioned it.

But I’ve never been dumb enough to say the Times’ endorsement doesn’t matter, because it absolutely does. 


Because of the fact that old people read it and old people are more likely to vote. If you don’t know that, then you’ve never knocked on a turf of likely voters. 

The truth is that the Times’ endorsement of Cemelli De Aztlán gives her legitimacy in groups that  either didn’t know her before or weren’t sure they were comfortable with her or not. 

Obviously any idea that there would be a candidate that emerges from this race without a run-off should be completely dead now. 

Its anyone’s race at this point and CDA is still severely hampered by her campaign team, but Stevie Wonder can see that she now has momentum. 

But how is she going to accomplish getting people to go BACK to the polls after this election, the run-off election fro the other races, and then their run-off. Her campaign team doesn’t have an answer that doesn’t sound like some hair-brained social media push. 

Tolbert is far from done and he still has the advantages of money, name ID, and the better field program but not getting this endorsement was a big blow. 

Also, if you haven’t read David K’s post about the endorsement there is something you should know. He believes ever single one those conspiracy theories he wrote about, otherwise he wouldn’t write them. He just wants to distance himself from his own crazy, which I guess only makes sense to him. 

One last thing, speaking of conspiracy theories…what is the over-under of how soon David K starts calling either Tolbert or CDA an “Ordazian”? I'm guessing if CDA wins it will be right away. If its Tolbert, I'm gonna guess he will wait until the first vote Tolbert takes that DK doesn't like. 

But more than likely, probably in about 3…2..1.


Thomas said...

David K is the coward little boy bitch of El Paso blogosphere. Little bitch boy K can dish it until some one puts him in his place then he wants to take his toys and not play no more. Bitch boy K is like a mushroom who is for the most part kept in the dark with some interest in El Paso feeding him shit until he pops and then poorly attempts to spray his well cultured bull shit across the internet which most times ending up on him.
Still waiting for our hug from BBK seems he has never been man enough to come give it to us and can only hide behind his keyboard. ;0)
BBK if you ever need directions please let us know . Oh Jaime can give them toyou also. If you do come we will want a kiss on top of that hug you promised. :0)

Ulyses said...

All these bloggers are little bitches