Monday, April 4, 2016

Breaking: Daniel Villegas Endorses Jaime!

Daaaaammnnn Daniel!

Daniel Villegas appears to have endorsed Jaime in the runoff election.

Not Esparza.

Jaime Barceleau.

Thats right, looks like Villegas was pushing for Barceleau in his bid to become a precinct chair on the eastside against Isela CastoƱon-Williams.

Villegas was also in the Nor'Easter Parade recently. Not surprising when you consider that it was sponsored by Mimbela Construction. Only in El Paso does Villegas become a mini celebrity but that is a whole other conversation.

Anywho, back to the endorsement. Jaime Barceleau apparently has the backing of Villegas which is funny because I'm not sure it does anything but lose him votes.

So why the most well-known political plus-one in town would want to get an endorsement from Villegas is something of a head-scratcher.

But then again, why a guy who is only invited places because he's dating Norma Favela is even running for a precinct chair in the Democratic Party is a mystery in the first place. I mean we all know he wants to replace Emma Acosta one day but even he has to know he's not viable.

Especially after he loses a precinct chair race.


Dre said...

Click bait is gross. Don't associate Daniel with the person who wrongly imprisoned him because you need views. Have more self-respect and rely on your talent.

Daniel Villegas said...

First of all I wasn't in the Easter parade recently!!! Second of all we brought Atleast a lil over a thousand voters to the polls who normally don't even vote. Mostly our younger voters!! So next time u want to talk trash about me or anyone else. Please get your facts right! It only makes you sound like a fool.

The Lion Star said...

I guess you're used to not being critiqued and I guess you're used to people being intimidated when you say something. Hate to break it to you but that doesn't work with me.

My email address is listed and I'll even give you my phone number (915)694-5714. I always stand by what I write. Frankly if something so little gets under your skin ookitics is going to be difficult for you because people have said far worse about others, myself included. Actually what is your beef, that I said you were in an Easter parade?

Daveed Rangel said...

If you were wrongly accused of a crime that you didn't commit and spent half your life in prison, I think you might be sensitive. Especially if you and your family are constantly in a spot light you never asked for. Easy to write tough comments when you have never had to survive a horrible environment such as prison.

The Lion Star said...

Talk to Mando Martinez. He mentioned you specifically on a news story from KFOX about the parade. Let's see you call out KFOX for not getting their facts straight or trash talking. I'm sure that will go over quite well.

The Lion Star said...

First of all, I have.

Second of all, no one forced him to interject himself into the political world. The rest I acknowledge wasn't up to him, but no one forced him into politics.

Third, you don't get to have the notoriety without the occasional critique. Which by the way, there really wasn't even a critique. It's an emotional over reaction. But I stand by what I wrote. I left my phone number if anyone takes issue with it. I'm entitled to my opinion same as he is, he's not better than me.

I don't see what th big deal is. But my phone number is there.

hank acosta said...

Boy, seems like that prison talk stuck to him.

Anonymous said...

Be more supportive of him Jaime, he was screwed over by the Man.
That happens a lot to poor vatos who have their lives ruined because they aren't wearing the right clothes and don't have access to good lawyers.
Sold Out Chicano attorneys end up making their lives hell just because.

Applaud and encourage his activism. His story, and the publicity around it, makes it harder for others to have their lives ruined the same way.

The Lion Star said...

I hear you. But there's a lot of over reaction here. All I basically said was that he was in a parade, which was published in a news story, and that Jaime B would probably lose support.

Essentially that's it. This reaction is pretty telling though.

Carolyn Esparza, LPC said...

Interesting thread. Never heard of this blog before; perhaps that's because I do not read nor do I endorse comments made by anonymous entities. Using a pseudonym is akin to keeping secrets and when we need to keep secrets we know we've done, or we are doing something wrong. Have you, Mr./Ms. Anonymous met Daniel Villegas personally? If you had, you would likely eat your words and respect his opinion. I have (personally met him) and I do (respect his opinion,) and I am not anonymous.

The Lion Star said...

Not sure who you are taking about but if you're referring to me I would question how closely you read considering my name, email address, phone number, and picture are here.