Monday, April 25, 2016

D2: Who is & Isn't With a Campaign These Days

This is a quick blurb that was inspired by a conversation I had with someone last night about District 2 and since early voting begins today, I thought it would be appropriate.

First in a campaign bombshell, Daniel Lopez (he's still fuming about coming in dead last in the District 1 race) has apparently left the campaign of David Nevarez.

Lopez as pretty tight with Nevarez and would follow him around and take pictures of him at city council meetings. Not sure what exactly the falling out was between them, but Lopez posted this social media update a while back:

I know right?! Major development!

Just kidding.

No one cares.

I just posted it because its pretty noteworthy when the only vocal supporter Nevarez had was a guy who came in last in another part of town, and now he has "resigned from the David Nevarez campaign".

First of all, I can't figure out which one of the two is the one who lost out here.

I mean on the one hand, Nevarez lost his biggest supporter. On the other hand, it was David Lopez.

Seriously, the guy got less votes than Manny Hinojosa and has been a card-carrying member of the crazies ever since his loss.

I don't think I've seen something that dark and bitter since the last time I drank a cup of coffee at the chow hall at Fort Bliss.

Not sure he lost an asset to the campaign.

But then again, he was his only real vocal supporter.

So that covers who is no longer with a campaign, lets talk about who is with a campaign in the D2 race.

Tolbert has Susie Byrd and Chris Hernandez. You all know Susie, but Chris is the field guy that ran Josh Dagda's campaign against Cortney Niland. So that is basically Jim Tolbert's team.

Susie Byrd (L) - Chris Hernandez (R)

Cemelli de Aztlán has Ernesto Bustillos and .... Josh Dagda. She has someone who is the campaign manager, but the campaign manager has never run, nor won a race.

Ernesto Bustillos (L) - Josh Dagda (R)

Actually, Josh Dagda hasn't either. Ernesto has been part of one winning team and has helped a few other campaigns out and is currently consulting for Siria Rocha's campaign as well.

I make this point because there has been some confusion about fundraising in this race. Jim Tolbert has a big lead in fundraising, but the reports make it look like no one else really raised or spent any money.

CDA has Dagda and Bustillos and Bustillos indicates they are not going to get paid but will be "in-kinding" their services to CDA. So I guess they are working for free.

But it still has to be reported. Sometimes candidates don't report stuff until the last report in order to hide all the resources they really have, which is funny because most candidates try to overstate what they have in the early parts of the campaign. I think legally though, they have to report the services as in-kind that were provided during the filing period.

Moot point for the first election though considering early voting has already started. Could be interesting when Tolbert and CDA are in a run-off.


Anonymous said...

Okay is that really what that Ernesto guy looks like or did you cherry-pick that photo? No one looks that douchey on purpose.

Anonymous said...

Why is David K not in the panel for the Team Tolbert? Wasn't his mom Tolbert's treasurer?

- Anita