Thursday, April 14, 2016


A facebook conversation inspired me this morning.

Joyce Wilson is a magnet for criticism. And frankly, its often absolutely legitimate. I'm not one of the people that thinks she isn't competent. I think she's one of the smartest and most-competent professionals I've met.

But 90% of time she gets criticism its not for WHAT she does so much as HOW she does it. In case she hasn't gotten the memo, no one believes that she acted unilaterally in delaying the bond sales. A lot of people think she's just pulling an Oliver North.

And for the simple-minded card-carrying crazies like Hector Montes, Martin Paredes and others, that is all they really need to hate her.

However, for all the barking they do when they are trying to defend Larry Romero and Tommy Gonzalez, there's one thing they don't do.

They haven't filed an ethics complaint against her. Why? Because they like the character assassination part, but they don't want to actually get their hands dirty and do something about it.

And why should they when its so much easier to be a keyboard warrior and talk shit on Facebook about someone all day. I mean, God forbid you actually back up all that blow-hard rhetoric with actual effort to fix the problem right?

Look, I think Tolbert filing the ethics complaint was largely so that he could get a little attention. That was well-played by the way. But he had the courage to step forward with a specific allegation and use the existing mechanism to deal with the issue.

Come on Crazies...any one of you could've filed an ethics complaint. But none of you show the backbone that Tolbert did.

But boy, you sure are tough-guy know-it-alls on a keyboard posting when your on the can dropping a deuce.

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