Wednesday, April 13, 2016

More Troubles for Socorro's Cox?

I know, it sounds dirty. 

And politics can be dirty. 

And especially so in Soco-loco. 

It appears there may be issues with street lights that were installed by embattled city councilman Sergio Cox. 

Cox is already facing a special meeting tonight in which it's likely that the mayor and council will initiate an investigation of a street paving project he was involved in that just so happened to be on a street where Cox owns a home. 

And he didn't disclose that information to his colleagues on council.

And he didn't declare a conflict of interest and voted in favor of the project. 

In this article from a few years ago, Cox was the person who initiated the discretionary funds for city council districts when he was on council under a previous administration.

I wonder what a map of properties owned by Cox and installed street lights would look like? 

Socorro's special meeting is tonight at 6pm.

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