Thursday, April 21, 2016

Socorro City Council Meeting Tonight

The investigation of embattled Socorro City Rep Sergio Cox by the City of Socorro has not been completed and will not be on the agenda tonight but its still likely that the issue will be raised and fireworks will go off.

Word around the Socorro Whataburger - basically the city hall annex of Socorro - is that some are expecting Cox to formally resign tonight.

Its not clear that a resignation on the part of Cox would have an impact on the ongoing investigation. Cox is being investigated for the method in which some roads in Socorro were paved. Cox has a financial interest in property on the corner of an intersection that was paved with public funds.

Here are two interviews I did with Mayor Ruiz and Councilman Gandara after the special city council meeting in which the city decided to go forward with an investigation into the matter.

The meeting will be at Socorro City Hall Chambers at 6pm this evening.

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