Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tommy's Troubles

To hear other parts of the blogosphere you'd think there are no problems with the city manager and everything is just hunky dory.

Obviously that is a complete false narrative. There's an ethics investigation that is on-going and there is the whole business of an improvement plan.

The reality is that a simple google search shows a pattern surrounding Gonzalez. The two articles in the Times today are an indicator that the city still has a long way to go to fixing a lot of the problems its facing. Frankly, we probably don't know the extent of the problems the city is facing at this point.

Obviously there are even more problems relating to transparency at the city and some members of council tried to trick the public into thinking cell phones during city council meetings were the issues the city has with transparency.

Trust me, they are much worse.

They have consistently failed at transparency and that one isn't Tommy's fault completely.

I'm sure you all remember the problems the city had with open records requests I sent in and the cold war redaction I received. Well bad news for the city, I'm going to pursue that issue further.

But that isn't even the event of their problems with transparency just with that one particular request. I sent in another request prior to that and the documents the city sent back weren't responsive. I will be pursuing that issue as well.

The public really doesn't have a grasp on the problems at the city yet. And that is just some of the good news the new city rep will be walking into...

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