Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Well, At Least David K is Predictable

You'll have to pardon David K, he has this nasty habit of talking out of both sides of his mouth. 

First the Times endorsement doesn't matter because Tolbert had it and lost last time, but when you confront him about all the people who have won with the endorsement he changes the subject.

Yesterday he says I act like the world revolves around me, but he can't stop writing about me. 

Actually, look over the last year and you'll see he reacts to what I write regularly. 

But I digress. 

I was all set to write about how Ali Razavi's friends at Forma have no candidates in the run-off and they have no candidates in the D2 race either. Pretty surprising for the city's supposed elite political consulting firm.

But then all of a sudden I hear David L has now reversed himself within 24 hours and now thinks I'm running CDA's campaign.

I haven't seen a complete reversal from someone that fast since Rep Noe changed his tune from calling the street fiasco "corruption" to defending Romero. 

What David K doesn't tell you is the stake he has in local city politics, even though he pretends he doesn't have one.

I mean, you didn't think a guy who doesn't live here anymore writes about El Paso because he loves this town so much did you?

There's a reason he tries to push the narrative that everything is all hunky-dory with the city manager, everyone is going to get sued for saying anything bad about him, and that everyone really loves Tommy Gonzalez.

Word around the water cooler is that Gonzalez has been wanting to clean house in the City's Engineering Department. 

Obviously someone would really love to see that happen considering they have a contracting firm. 

It's the big elephant in the room. Maybe he should spend less time accusing me of meddling in the election considering only one of us really has motive and opportunity...

Mark my words, no matter what happens, David K is going to defend Tommy Gonzalez.

So for the record David K, not that facts matter to you, but I'm not involved in either campaign. In fact both campaigns are probably laughing at you right now.

I'll tell you this though, David K's right about one thing - CDA's voting record, if what he says is accurate, is a big problem for her. 

It'll interesting to see what kind of bullshit Ernesto Bustillos comes up with to explain it away. (Here's a secret Ernesto, there isn't enough bullshit in all of Clint.)

Truth is I haven't really poked around on any of the candidates in the race. Either of the top candidates would be a big improvement on Romero.

So what difference does it make which one wins?

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Unknown said...

The comments on his blog are pretty mean spirited.