Friday, May 27, 2016

Ali Razavi's Many Faces

I got a phone call from Thomas Dorman who asked me if I'd participate in a fundraiser for charity. 

His idea was a boxing match between myself and Ali Razavi, the guy who can't come to grips with the fact that his name isn't really Max Powers.

I guess this stems from some post he put on his blog about me blocking him from Twitter. 

What a fucking baby. 

His little feelings got hurt because I blocked him? 

Then I'm told he followed by posting a screenshot of County Judge Veronica Escobar having blocked him from Twitter.

I guess that is somehow the ultimate dis for children his age.

Frankly, I'm surprised the judge hasn't taken some action with law enforcement based on how much he has harassed her. Especially after that last email he sent her. So maybe Ali should just count himself lucky that all he got was blocked.

SPOILER ALERT - he's probably going to post everyone who has him blocked. If he did that every day, he'd have nothing else to post between now and sometime after the general election because the guy is an ass and no one can stand him. 

Seriously he's been blocked by a lot of people. Since he's the common denominator, 9 out of 10 dentists agree he's an ass.

But as I've said before, everything about the guy is a lie. From back stabbing his boss and feeding a negative story about text messages to her enemies and the media to telling people his Chinese knock-off solar panels are American made. 

Well here's something to add to the guys laundry list off bullshit.

Guess who has NEVER been blocked from my Twitter account?

This asshole: 

I think he has a problem separating fact from fiction, which doesn't surprise me. I'm sure the guy grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons in some dark classroom with a creepy math teacher because of his inability to get people to like him so I guess I shouldn't blame the guy.

But sorry Ali, you aren't really a fictional character named Max Powers. Maybe up your meds, that might help. 

In closing, in terms of the charity offer, truth be told, I'd very happily whoop his ass for free. But I'm a nice guy, and I'll be glad to help out a charity. 

Come on Ali/Max or whoever one of the many characters your puppet master asks you to be , let's do it. What do you have to lose? I'm just an old fat guy that gets winded in the whataburger parking lot right?

Don't be afraid, what's the worse that can happen?

Your Pal, 


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Thomas said...

Ali said he will challenge you to a hike across the Franklin mountains and see who can do it the fastest. We told Ali we would step up to the plate but so far he hasn't said when. Seems he wants you!
So Jaime is it true the reason Ali is pissed at Vero is because after Norma lost here seat Vero did not give Ali a job at the county and seems no one else in El Paso government wanted him either. This is what we were told but when Ali was asked directly he wouldn't answer the question.
From what we heard Ali felt the local Democratic leadership in El Paso had betrayed his service to the party and felt they owed him a position. Do not know this as a fact but it was what we were told and the reason we ask Ali straight out for his side of the story which as we said he would not answer. the question.