Monday, May 23, 2016

Ali Razavi's Crass Email & Forma

So I was told that Ali Razavi sent a pretty nasty email to County Judge Veronica Escobar over the weekend which represents a new low even for a guy who was circulating negative stories about his then-boss while he was working for her and very happily continuing to take a pay check for being her employee.

But if you know him, that shouldn't surprise you. The guy is a walking hypocrite.

The email came out the night that the Siria Rocha story came out, in fact just a few hours after the information was dumped to local media but before it had been published. Now for a long time Razavi has really gone out of his way to pretend that Razavi isn't connected to Forma, even having gone so far as to write about it a couple of times to dispel the allegation.


Because it was hurting Forma candidates because the donors were getting pissed. Rocha was at one point in this election cycle, a Forma candidate. Since Marisa Marquez is the talent scout for Forma, she would no-doubt have a relationship with Rocha.

So here is the email Razavi sent to the County Judge:

I know, classy right?

Say what you want about me, and you cowards that comment but wouldn't dare say anything about me to my face frequently do, but I've never sent an elected official an email like that. But again, not something new for Razavi. How long has that guy's obsession with the County Judge gone on now?

Well, about as long as her falling out with Marisa Marquez.

Coincidence? Of course not.

Well interestingly enough, Ali will probably have to start writing those posts about how he's not affiliated with Forma again because he probably got the firm in trouble with their donors again. And lets face it, they don't pull the strings, they get their strings pulled by the donors. The minute the money guys go away and choose a different option than Forma, is the minute their firm ceases to exist.

So the email about Rocha was sent out a little after 4pm. Here's the time/date stamp and the email that was sent to the media and myself.

As you can see, the time stamp on Ali's email to the County Judge, which was before the story was published anywhere, it says 8:21, same day.

So I'm betting Marquez gave him a heads up about the info release because I confirmed with the Gonzalez campaign that the info was not sent to Ali Razavi aka Max Powers.

Since Forma basically hasn't won a race in a while they may have been banking on Rocha to an extent, even though she only used them during part of her campaign, to get back in the win column. Perhaps after finding out about this shit storm of bad info had come out, and it being a Friday night and Razavi has been known to drink pretty regularly, he was probably several douchey craft beers into the night and sent that email to the County Judge.

The give-away?

The fact that he posted the email himself so quickly. Maybe he had a moment of clarity from the fog of some micro-brew and realized he fucked up, so the best way to try to deal with the situation would be to release the email himself.

The judge has been pretty open about her support for Ruben Gonzalez after all.

But hey, maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe someone else gave Ali a heads up. Maybe a person in the media sent it to him?

All he would have to do is post the email.

But he won't, because that isn't how he got the heads up.

Like I said, there are two types of bloggers in this town - me and those that blog about me. And of course, true to Forma, oops I mean true to form,  I was mentioned in his little cyber assault on the County Judge which is why I feel it necessary to point out Razavi's hypocrisy.

He asks why Escobar hates women, as though she only is opposed to female candidates for some reason. Are you people stupid? Have you seen Escobar's track record of work when it comes to women?

Do none of you bottom-feeders realize that most department heads at the county are women?

Have you not noticed all the female candidates she's supported, assisted, contributed to, mentored, etc?

Anna Perez
Joanne Bernal
Tania Chozet
Naomi Gonzalez
Lina Ortega
Georgina Perez

Marquez and Forma just ran a pretty damn ugly race against Mary Gonzalez. Yet I don't hear Maxi Pad bitching about the war on women from Marquez.

Ah, and one more thing especially for the little click of haters out there. Do I support Judge Escobar? Yeah, actually I do. I think she's done a great job and taken a leadership role that was absent at a critical time in community. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the work she does.

Do I agree with her on policy all the time? No, but its fair to say the vast majority of the time I do.

Some of you idiots don't recall when I've been critical of her because it doesn't fit your narrative. I've been critical of every elected official in town, but I'm issue-based. Sorry, but asking an elected official how someone else tastes just isn't my style.

Frankly I don't know why the County Judge hasn't explored some legal recourse because of that email.

So lets get this straight, I write what I want to write, when I want to write it, for the reasons I want to write it. All of you guys should gather the tin foil you hear on your heads, flatten it out and make a big giant mirror. Then stand in front of that mirror and say hello to the dumbass you're staring at if you think ANYONE can control what I say or do.

Ask Norma Chavez if its easy to try to control me...


Anonymous said...

You and Max have something in common his obsession with Judge Escobar and your obsession with Marisa Marquez. Rick A owns forma why are you picking on a woman?

Thomas said...

I do not agree with what Ali posted but Vero hasn't done so well for the people of El Paso county.
She more than doubled our total obligation of debt under her watch. Amount of tax dollars spent to outcomes just have been mostly poor to barely passing. She backed non-sense such as building more jail space to house federal prisoners which is turning out to be a boondoggle.
Instead of funding proper mental health services in El Paso she supported just build more jail space to warehouse the mentally ill. Sorry Jaime on that one there is a serious lapse in morals and ethics judgement to how we should treat the least among us. Jaime if you say we are wrong on this one you need to go to confession and have a serious talk with your priest my brother.
How many county projects can we count that went in the toilet and had big time cost over runs under her watch. Sure you will spin it,it was all good.
Yep Jaime we read the county budget too.
Oh let us not leave out Vero's help putting us on the hook for Children's Hospital ,a private company, and after they showed they could not be trusted with tax payer dollars the first time around, Vero the second time around do not make sure, once again, that there was any real accountability to the tax payers by Children's. Sorry Jaime Vero on this one it was just stupid on top of more stupid.
Then this just added more weight that Vero doesn't care for shit if she indebted the tax payers of El Paso county and surely supports what I have said for years about Vero she doesn't give a shit about the tax payers having a say in how their money is spent and will do what ever it takes to make sure the tax payers have zero voice and are ignored.
Anna Perez we like Anna as a person but get real she never could make it out side of government and is an perfect example of those who live their career living on the public dole.
Joanne Bernal is the same a Anna but has some questionable ethics issues and will lie to the media and the people of El Paso when it suits her agenda.
Tania Chozet I am sorry on this one she is a total turd and still believe she was living in Las Cruces with her girlfriend when appointed by Vero to the CC and Vero knew it.
Jaime even you questioned Chozet being a real resident of El Paso at the time but sure you we fail to recall this fact.
Naomi Gonzalez, really you want to use Naomi as an example of quality individual Vero supports?
Sorry Jaime Vero hasn't been a friend of El Paso but has shown her own interest superseded the people's best interest.
As far as Max goes he should be the last to complain about poor behavior of others in government because Norma and him had some real issues themselves when they were in government.

Anonymous said...

calm down. let the people decide who will win.

Anonymous said...

Veronica and you birds of a feather!

The Lion Star said...

I guess you mean that as an insult?

The Lion Star said...

Because its not.