Saturday, May 7, 2016

Blow Out in the Duece!

Jim Tolbert won the District 2 Special Election with a mandate. It wasn’t even close. He won the overwhelming support of the residents of District 2. 

Well the ones that cared enough to vote anyway.

Grenada was less of a blow-out!

This should send a pretty clear message to the few that think people don’t care about the mess at city hall or the job the city manager is doing. Its pretty clear they do care.

The only thing close about the race is how little of a margin Cemelli De Aztlán had over Dolores Baca. It was shockingly close between the two all night, and Baca spent nothing on her campaign. 

There’s no way to spin it - CDA’s campaign team was a complete and total failure. 

Obviously CDA’s voting record, or lack thereof, was really a big factor as well. 

I’ll do a winners and losers piece later but for tonight, the people of District 2 sent a very loud and clear message by sending Tolbert to city hall with such a huge margin. 

Councilman-Elect Tolbert will be taking office soon and Romero will finally stop getting a paycheck for doing nothing. 


inept said...

I don't think we have ever had a person better prepared elected to our city government. Thank you, Jim Tolbert, for raising the expectations of all of us.

Anonymous said...

No campaign team could've worked the miracles CDA needed. She has a good heart and big intentions and is very likable and sincere, but lacks the skills to be effective. She was no match against Jim Tolbert who despite his often rude and smug demeanor is sharp and knows city government like no other. Besides her embarrassing and hypocritical lack of a voting record, it was obvious after that Mayapan debate that she was out of her league. Dolores Baca was better prepared then! CDA should stick to academics and fringe community work. She can do much more for the community there.